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Zilla Slab Font Free Download

The Zilla Slab Font is a contemporary font with precise curves and genuine italics, making it friendly to any work. As designed by Typotheque for their Tesla project of 2017, this slab serif typeface made its first appearance since then on the Mozilla Foundation’s website with an update about how they are still working hard designing new characters. A considerable amount of designers keep this unique font in their tasks to provide professional looks. You can be one too if you want.

Zilla Slab Font Family

Zilla Slab is a 12-style font family with over 1056 glyphs while also including 507 characters. It also includes all of the necessary optical corrections you need to make your designs perfect.  You should check out this great typeface. You could put it on anything from a logo to an event card. It’s perfect for your brand, and we think you’ll love how versatile the style of each letter is – no matter what kind of font or size choice, they have something that will work just right, whether it’s large-font headline text at headings in newspaper articles. Check out the other font that we wrote about IBM Plex Sans Font Font Font


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