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Willow Font Free Download

Two different fonts can be found under the name Willow Font. This is a decorative typeface by ITC Willow. Willow Regular Font, another font in the category of display fonts. Each typeface has distinctive traits and a different artic layout. We are providing these fonts free of charge here at Fonts Magazine.

ITC Willow Font

With great legibility and creative intent, this is a family of decorative fonts. First released by the ITC font foundry in 1990, Tony Forster was responsible for its design. This font family stands out by having dual crossbars on the uppercase letters A and H, as well as an unusual arrangement for the uppercase O. The pictures below will help you visualize what we are talking about.

Willow Regular Font

Display typefaces like this one have slab serifs. Magazine and newspaper headlines that are perfect. First released in 1990 by Adobe Wood Type, Joy Redick was responsible for its design. In keeping with the serif appearance, the font ensures that each word has the best possible readable form. The following images will show you how a letter map is structured Ured.

These typefaces can be used for logo design, posters, banner designs, fabric printing, brochures, book covers, website templates, game development, and title creation, among other things.

In order to obtain the satisfaction and fascination of your clients, we strive to provide you with the best tools to create an impressive design. Please share it within your social networks if you find it helpful.

 Note: It is just for your personal use that we provide the fonts here.

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