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Ubuntu Font Free Download

Ubuntu Font is a great humanist sans serif typeface inspired by the Ubuntu operating system. If you are looking for a font ideal for employing almost everywhere in your designs then this elegant font family is for you. It is an OpenType font family with very acute highly legible text forms and comes with four weights from thin to black.

Samuel Among other things, it is a Sans Serif font family that is designed to be used as a Digital Display Font. It has an Extended character set that covers phonetic latin, and mathematical notation.

Ubuntu Font Family

The font Ubuntu is a contemporary sans-serif type family designed for editorial and publishing. It comes in seven optical sizes with matching styles for italic, small caps and oldstyle figures. A full set of characters includes Western European accents (including Polish and Turkish), various symbols and numerals.

Dalton Maag font is a modern, geometric sans-serif typeface that takes inspiration from architectural lettering and its blunt, angular appearance. Its unique blend of influences makes it distinctly different from any other font.

Ubuntu Font Family brings carefully crafted font combinations for designers. It includes 4 typefaces each specially designed for a specific purpose. There are 5 weights in total to meet your different typesetting needs. It can be used both commercially and non-commercially without any restrictions.

This work is derivative of Futura Heavy by Paul Renner. He developed it in 1927 for the corporate identity of the German company W. That is why I choose to prefix this name in my font. Its single weight covers Western, Central European and South-Eastern European character sets (upper/lower case letters, punctuation and numerals).

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