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Teko Font Free Download

Teko font was designed by Manushi Parikh in 2014, containing 1019 glyphs, 1000 Units per em which helps meet any range of demands from small to large text blocks on screen or paper. The display has light strokes that are square proportions making it look simple but elegant at the same time.

This font Family is a free font that comes in five varied styles including Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold & Bold. It also has vast language support and keen text forms which make it an excellent choice for any designer looking to use the typeface on their creative project.

This font is a free and professional typeface that comes with great features. It can be used to create elegant logos, compose books or print some stuff; as well designs banners for your business cards, brochures, wedding invitations card among many other amazing things.

Teko Font Family

Teko Font Family was designed by Manushi Parikh in 2014, Teko comes in 1019 glyphs and 1000 Units per em. It has a simple look that helps it to meet graphic challenges of vast range on different platforms for digital typography such as web design, branding materials etc.

The display font family was designed by Manushi Parikh in 2014. It includes 1019 number of glyphs and 1000 Units per em which enables it to be used on any size or resolution without distortion issues – thus making the fonts more versatile than most other designs out there today.

This font family offers five different styles, including Light, Regular, Medium Bold and Semibold fonts. Having vast languages support and keen text forms it has many criteria for being used as a great typeface by designers all over the world. Many designers have been using this in their regular undertaking due to its clean look that is free of copyright issues so you can use it anywhere without any worries.

This set of fonts comes in five styles including Light, Regular and Bold. Supporting a vast number of languages as well as being crafty with text forms make this font an excellent choice for underlining your words. Many designers use it on their regular tasks due to its simplicity.

The best part about the clean typeface is that it’s absolutely free both commercially or privately which means you can download them by just one click.

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