Spectral Font Family Free Download

Spectral Fonts Free Download

Spectral Font has a very distinct and unique design and is perfect for pairing with Bembo font. It is available in 7 different weights and 7 different special styles.

This typeface is used by many graphic designers for movie posters, comic covers, book covers, and heading purposes, as well as for personal designs like wedding cards, emblems, t-shirt designs, and business cards.

Spectral Font Family Free Download

spectral font view
spectral font view

Spectral is a contemporary family of display fonts, carefully crafted to be as visually rich and varied as possible. The first and most basic version of the font (Spectral Regular, above) is based on the letterforms of a number of different sans-serif typefaces that were popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. However, each letterform has been modified in a number of ways so that they are no longer strictly based on any one historical source.

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Spectral’s letters are tall and narrow but at the same time quite wide when set at large sizes. This makes the family great for headlines where readability is important but also makes it suitable for body copy in situations where it will be set at small sizes. The gentle curves and open counter forms in its letterforms give it a feeling of softness, while the strong vertical stress gives it boldness. The result is a unique design that fits perfectly in today’s world, where we can have both thin and thick fonts next to each other on the same screen without anything appearing too chaotic or out of balance.

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The second version (shown above) is more condensed than the regular version, with shorter ascenders and descenders that still retain some of the original thinness from its sources.

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