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Christian Robertson designed the Roboto font, which is a sans-serif typeface that was released in 2011 and originated under the Apache license. It supports different languages and originates different characters and weights.

The font was originally designed by the same designer who released the Ubuntu font and was seen everywhere on different platforms. It was redesigned after 2 years of public release.

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Roboto Font View
Roboto Font View

Google redesigned the Robot font for Android 5.0, and it became more popular. However, every designer has mixed reviews regarding this typeface.

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Many designers have used Google Typeface in their designs. Some call it a science fiction typeface. Roboto font is accessible and approachable for everyone and is used on different platforms.

The font came into being by Google and is still active today. The Roboto font was used in the game Unreal Engine 4 and the video game console Nintendo Switch.

Roboto is a Google font that can be used freely in your work. To install the Roboto font, unzip the file, choose the extracted file, and click the install option.

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Roboto is a sans serif typeface family designed by Christian Robertson and released in 2009 by Google as part of the company’s use of open-source technologies. It was developed to be a neutral typeface with little to no stylistic variation, which makes it ideal for use on websites or in apps, where an easy reading experience is of utmost importance.

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Roboto is available in 28 styles: Thin, Light, Regular, Italic, Medium, Bold, and Black. The Thin and Light styles are intended for use in headlines and the like, while the Medium style is intended for body text. There is also a Condensed version of each style that is meant for more compact spaces such as mobile devices. The Mono styles are monospaced fonts available in Regular and Bold.

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