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Rajdhani Font Free Download

The main focus behind this family was for everyone to have a friendly yet functional tool. It comes in five different styles, which allows you to find the right one for any project. These styles include Light, Medium, Regular, Semibold & Bold. The Medium style is very comfortable and popular because of its overall legibility, good type proportions, and well-balanced proportions. When you make a logo, you need a font that will be functional and trendy at the same time. Rajdhani Font provides these qualities.

This family of fonts uses a unique design philosophy to deliver simplicity and elegance. It combines the power of traditional styles with modern clarity and readability.

Rajdhani Font Family

Typedreams Font Family is made out of a set of 7 different fonts that allow you to create substantial design projects, but also various kinds of texts at the same time.

Whether you’re writing a report for your company or creating your own marketing materials, the Rajdhani font family will make your work stand out.

The Moderna typeface is used for headlines, posters, title designs, logo creation, photography, invitations, watermarks, special events, advertising, to name a few.

We hope you can be satisfied with this remarkable font family. If you really like it, then please share it with your friends and colleagues on social sites. And if any query comes to your mind, then you can ask in the comment section.

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