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Proxima Nova Font Free Download

Proxima Nova Condensed and Proxima Nova Further Condensed feature similar letter shapes. Due to their width, style features have been increased in font-weight and boldness. The fonts are used for both body text and display texts. They are suitable for printing company materials such as their yearly report, but also for different types of advertising pieces such as catalogs and posters. It is an excellent choice for posters with a lot of information in it because of the condensed spacing.

Proxima Nova’s extended apertures, low contrast, and open letterforms provide for better legibility at small sizes, helping it transcend its contemporary status into being a true workhorse body. And despite being released in 2012, Proxima Nova still feels fresh and new; there’s much potential here for creative applications by way of subtle stylistic alterations.

Proxima Nova Font

Compatible: Mac, Windows
Font Type: OTF, TTF
Format: Zip
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