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Prata Font Free Download

Greetings, everyone! This magnificent family of fonts is called Prata Font. Cereal foundry, one of the most favorite type foundries in 2017, was designed and released. It has amazingly unique features and super cool appearances. Prata typeface has a large weight range and a good layout for the text. It is suitable for many design applications.

To make the design sharp with soft, refined curves, the designer drew inspiration from the Didone typeface. Because the thin strokes and the high contrast make this suitable for display sizes, it is best if displayed at the size. As can be seen from the images, this modern font is very clean, with many clear and clean content structures.

Prata Font Family

A total of 560 unique glyphs are available in the regular style of Prata Font. Many designers seek out this extraordinary typeface every day to use in their customary design processes. This is the right place for you if you fall into that category.

It is also licensed under the Open Font License, which makes it an even better font. The Prata font may so be used anywhere you wish without violating any copyright rules. Hence, you can download the free font by clicking on the button below.


For logo making, branding, signage, posters and banner ads, fabric printing, greeting cards, official cards, and other designs, this elegant font is perfect.

The typeface we designed for you will perform admirably. Additionally, it allows you to produce a uniquely flexible layout. Furthermore, it should be worth the attention of your audiences or your clients. As a result, if you really like it, let us know in the comment section how it worked out for you.


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