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Playbill Font Free Download

Playbill™ Font is a TrueType font family designed by Robert Harling in 1938 for Stephenson Blake. Playbill™ Font is suitable for Poster and Logotype. There are many famous sites that used this font as well as hundreds of people also using this beautiful font. After 80 years the charm of this font is still alive.

You shouldn’t miss the chance to have Playbill Font that will brighten your business communications.

Playbill Font Family

Playbill is the font family that supports 69 languages and more than 11,000 glyphs. It is a breathtaking typeface available for free download.

Playbill Font Family has been recognized in the world of typography for its use of innovative forms and shapes. The font designers combined both italics and roman forms to create an incomparable character set.

Playbill is a professionally designed typeface to help give you the quality that your design needs. Playbill is a type of font that is strong on your eyes, so anyone can use it without suffering from eye fatigue.

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