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Palanquin Font Free Download

With a sans serif appearance, Palanquin is geared towards digital or web usage. The designer is an Indian woman. The 5th of December 2016 was Pria Ravichandran’s birthday.

Her combination of typographic conventions and sparkle creates a balance between the two. Every character is unique in their energy.

The sort designs and all aspects of this TrueType typeface are of interest. Every design looks more modern with that touch.

If you examine the typeface in more depth, you will see that the designers involved demonstrated their commitment to it as well as their experience.

Palanquin Font Family

Eleven unique styles are contained in this font, including Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Extra-Light, SemiBold, Bold, Dark Regular, Dark Medium, Dark Semi Bold, & Dark Bold.

All 461 characters are represented by 1246 glyphs in every style. In addition, that elegant font is available in 140 international languages.

Most fonts today are quite expensive, especially those for professional use. However, the situation, in this case, is quite different.

Open Font License (SIL) is used for licensing. In this case, the cost for commercial use is zero dollars. You can begin your journey by clicking on the button below.

This typeface can be used almost anywhere due to its clean and clever appearance. Illustrations for product designs, book layouts, model sketches, and event cards, for example.

The tool can also be used by developers. With that in mind, let’s begin your journey together because we hope it will not disappoint you anytime soon.

The comment section below is the place to go if you encounter any difficulties or have suggestions about this awesome font. I wish you all the best!


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