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Orkney Font Free Download

he Orkney Font is an amazing sans serif font family with 428 characters as well. Also, it possesses Opentype file format and supports more than one hundred languages.

With 428 number of characters, this sans serif font is Opentype-friendly as well containing 432 unique glyphs per style with 1000 Units per em. Plus it features amazing swashes and super cool open type features for one hundred thousand possibilities within each character set that makes your text more interesting than ever before.

The Orkney font is a sans-serif family that will make your design modern and fresh. This Font was designed by the Philippines foundry Hanken Design during 2016 with most of its surprising aspect being how much fame it gained in no time at all! It has 428 characters, Opentype file format, 432 unique glyphs (supporting more than 100 languages), as well as amazing swashes to help you show off text on any project.

Orkney Font Family

This typeface is a free font for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. It comes in four styles: Light, Medium Regular, Bold which are highly legible with captivating characters and numerals as you can see from the images we have provided here on our site.

As dedications to their work each character displays attention to detail that designers put into it giving this type of fonts its own unique quality – something not seen everywhere else! This wonderful family of fonts was created by designer Joanne Scullion who has an established reputation among other professional graphic artists worldwide for her outstanding artworks.

The Orkney font family is a great choice for any design project. The four styles of this typeface are all highly legible and have an artistic quality to them that sets it apart from other fonts you may have used before.

In addition, the characters in each style show dedication on behalf of the designer who created these wonderful letters with care and attention to detail; they know what looks good as well how it feels to read text written in their own handwriting.

This font family is a free font family for commercial and non-commercial use. It includes four styles including Light, Medium, Regular and Bold that all consist of highly legible characters with numerals included.

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