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Numans Font Free Download

Mr. Jovanny Lemonad, the designer of Numans Font, took inspiration for its design from a bold sans serif font called Days One, paired well with this one since both have round corners rather than pointy ones, and we all know how much more professional that makes you look. With this typeface, it is perfect for display purposes, like Eczar and Exo. In case you want to utilize this font for printing uses, then no problem will be seen because we find it perfect on all fronts.

Numans Font Family

Numans Font is a professional font with 239 characters and 244 glyphs, including Basic Latin, Numerals & Currency Signs. You can use it for more personal or commercial tasks like logo designs, book covers, website content signage, etc. Depending on your needs as an individual designer. To make sure you’re up-to-date with all current industry standards, we recommend pairing this perfect typeface alongside Cambay & Matiz fonts too. Check out the other font that we wrote about Ducktales Font Font Font.


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