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Norse Font Family Free Download

Do you know the difference between a font and an OTF? Joël Carrouché, from France’s Languedoc region is responsible for releasing Norse fonts in regular and bold styles. Inspired by Nordic epigraphy (the study of inscriptions), these typefaces are perfect additions to any design thanks to their beautiful ascenders that add interest without appearing too distracting or difficult-to-read.

Norse Font is an astonishing display typeface available in regular and bold styles. It’s a very interesting, stylistic font with influences from Nordic epigraphy. Joël Carrouché has released this design for the first time as his inspiration comes from five countries including Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

The study of inscriptions or what we know today to be more precisely called “epigraphy” defines Norse Font beautifully by its symbology that represents all Scandinavia through these runes which are commonly found on our stone messages carved into monuments like rune stones!


For any perfect design it is also essential to find suitable fonts pairing together; choosing one can sometimes make or break your project when you’re exploring different creative options –

Norse Font Download

The Nordic font is a typeface designed by Joël Carrouché. It comes in two styles, regular and bold. The Norse fonts are inspired from the epigraphy of Northern European countries including Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark but also across the world to other cultures such as Native American or African tribal art which used symbols for decoration on their pottery  or metal works etc…   For an ideal design it’s important to select a suitable font pairing with them that will make your work look perfect!

What are you waiting for? Get your own Norse font family right now. Check this out and see how cool it looks in handwritten lettering images below!

Norse Font Family DownloadNorse Font is a high-quality font that you can apply for huge designing purposes. From logos to posters, this free font will meet all your needs and it comes with a glamorous appearance. Kindly share the download link if you like!


You can apply this free font for huge designing purposes. Such as designing a logo, posters, banner ads, business cards and others! Moreover, thinking of developing a game or web template using this elegant font family will also be an excellent approach.  We hope that our fine quality fonts along with their glamorous appearance will assist you in satisfying your customers and audiences at the same time. Kindly share it with your friends if you like- You can download now

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