Neuzeit Font Free Download

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Wilhelm Pischner designed the Neuzeit font family in 1928. It was updated at various times. A new version of the Akzidenz Grotesk font was released in 2006, and it can be used within Adobe Fonts.

This font family comes in weights, including LT Std Book and LT Std Book Heavy. It supports extensive language support.

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You can use this typeface for headlines and titles, short or lengthy paragraphs, Powerpoint presentations, invoices, product titling, Hotel/casino names, and even better, for any documentation.

Neuzeit Font Family Free Download

Neuzeit Font Free Download 2
Neuzeit Font Free Download 2

Neuzeit S is a serif typeface family with a classic and elegant style. This typeface is perfect for use in print and digital media, including headlines, posters, flyers, and more.

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Neuzeit S includes two weights: Neuzeit S Light, which has a light to medium weight, and Neuzeit S Heavy, which has a heavy to extra-heavy weight. Both styles are available in regular and italic styles.

Neuzeit S LT Std Book is an OpenType version of Neuzeit S LT Std Book Heavy with extended language support, including support for Western European languages (French, German, Italian).

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