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Neo Sans Font Free Download

Neo Sans font is a superlative sans serif font family that was released in 2004 by Monotype Corporation. It comes in 24 styles and 6 weights and supports the full set of characters.

A modern typeface with flexible and smooth flowing characters, suitable for branding projects, publications, and editorial tasks.

A font family perfect for business cards, invitation cards, book covers, posters, logos, fabric designs, video gaming, app design, and signage.

Neo Sans Font Family Free Download

neo sans font view
neo sans font view

The Neo Sans font family is a product of the Linotype type foundry, designed by Erik Spiekermann and Anton Koovit. It was published in 1996 and has been used for a variety of corporate identity projects.

The Neo Sans Std Light font is a sans serif face with an upper case height that is slightly shorter than the lower case height, making it appear lighter than it actually is. The face is relatively square with gently curved terminals, each curve having a small hook on the end that makes it easier to distinguish individual characters.

The letter a originates from a circle with a crossbar, which gives it a slightly more dynamic feel; the cross bar also helps to distinguish this letter from ‘g.’ In the middle and lower case letters, the cross bars are straight.

The letters ‘b’, ‘d’, and ‘p’ have rounded ends, while all other terminals are square. All letters have flat top serifs and bottom serifs that are angled at about 30 degrees. This angle makes for a more consistent color when set next to other faces and ensures clarity when printed small or in columns.

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