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Myriad Pro font is a geometric sans serif typeface that is used by many famous organizations and Corporations like Apple. It is also included in the Adobe type and has many different styles and weights.

This font family can be used for numerous fields, including headlines for websites, book covers, magazine and newspaper headlines, and even great for documentation purposes.

The Myriad Pro font family is all based on the same underlying structure. This means that they share the same letterspacing and baseline grid to give them a consistent feel across their respective weights. This also means that you can use these fonts together without worrying about uneven spacing between your text.

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Myriad Pro Font
Myriad Pro Font

The slab serifs of these fonts are different than the others in their weight class because they’re based on a larger scale. The bold weights are heavier than normal to give them an even more dramatic impact and stand out more prominently from other fonts.

All of the fonts in this family have a subtle texture that is achieved by layering ink over itself for several passes in order to create a more organic texture than you’d find in a font that doesn’t have this feature.

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Title Myriad Pro Font
Artist Carol Twombly, Robert Slimbach
Category Sans serif
File Type OTF, TTF
Issued Date 1992
License Type Free For Commercial Use
Style Free Version

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