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Mathlete Font Free Download

This handwritten font family is characterized by its sweet and clean texture. Design and release of the first line of the new font took place in 2012 by the Mattox font designing company.

The use of this script typeface was widespread in virtually every field a year ago. However, now it can be used for a wide range of kid-friendly products, such as stationery, toys, and cartoons.

With almost bubble-like asymmetry, the typeface has got brush strokes and thick strokes incorporating in each letter. In this way, it has special characteristics.

That certainly makes your designs stand out. Additionally, we make sure that our customers are amazed as well as fully satisfied.

Mathlete Font Family

Among the options are Skinny, Skinny Slant, Bulky, and Bulky Slant. The images in this article show that all of these styles look awesome.

These styles have 222 glyphs each, and all of them are Opentype file formats. There are over 90 different languages to support.

It is possible that you found this page while searching for a typeface to download. Let us invite you so simply by clicking on a download button.

Clicking the button underneath will let you download it effectively. Use Mathlete Font anywhere by clicking on the download link.


You can use that font for personal as well as commercial use, which is brilliant. Print and display purposes are possible with it.

You are designing different stationery, cards, and logos, etc. You can share this with your social network friends if you have some time for us.

 We believe you will be able to create a decent piece of art using this free font family, which will meet the needs of your clients and audience at the same time.

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