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Introducing Mardi Gras Font Family. This awesome font comes in both regular and display forms. You can choose the form that best suits your project needs, but each of them is sure to be excellent with its elegant glyphs, stylish texture, and brush strokes.

It’s no wonder this typeface has become so popular quickly since it was first released over the TrueType Set by Billy Argel just last year (2018).

It also has some designing logos on behalf of numerals, which can be found in its images. So if you’re interested in getting this typeface and keeping our Mardi Gras as part of your laptop or mobile device, then just click on that one button we inserted below.

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Mardi Gras Font Family

This font family comes in  different styles: regular display forms or normal text faces. It includes over 300 glyphs drawn by Billy Argel himself to make this font unique from any other families out there on the market right now.

Mardi Gras is a family of 124 unique glyphs and 1000 Units per em. Moreover, it has some designing logos on behalf of numerals. Another good aspect is that this typeface can be used free of charge by anyone interested in personal projects or commercial intent.

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Create a design with Mardi Gras font that matches any theme or event, from weddings and invitations to business cards. The font’s bold style is also perfect for headline projects like banner designs.

Mardi Gras is a free font that you can download and use in your projects, such as wedding invitations or business cards. Along with its bold style, this lovely festive font also has some decorative flourishes, making it perfect for headlines of all types.

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Use it for wedding invitations or business card layouts, printing on fabrics purposes, books composing headlines, undertakings banners design, and more.

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