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The Lustria font family is the most famous and easily readable typeface. This serif typeface comes to make your designs more classy and elegant with its unique essential details including the design of each letter, while maintaining a sans-serif appearance for easy reading on all devices.

Lustria font is a serif typeface that has been popular for the past two decades. MadType, an MN-based design studio took charge of developing this typeface in 1999 after it was first created by Matthew Desmond. Lustria’s unique text form makes your designs more classy and elegant with its sans serif appearance ensuring optimum readability across various typesetting styles.

Lustria Font Family Free Download


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The Lustria font family is the most famous and easily readable typeface. MADType, an MN-based typeface design studio, took charge for making it first in 1999. Matthew Desmond owns this serif face with all its unique particulars including pristine typography designs. The sans serif appearance guarantees best text forms throughout the entire set of fonts and that’s why tradition has been so elegant!

 That clean font family comes only in regular style and it contains 251 characters. All the characters are made fairly and efficiently which shows the designer capability. Have a look at pictures we have fastened here to get an idea about this new release from our designers’ team! This font is best for growing trademarks, so if you’re looking forward to your company’s branding; take a deep breath- Lustria will make all of that happen effortlessly with just one download click away:)

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It was designed by an experienced designer and offers the best quality for growing brands to use as their logo or identity in professional settings. The downloads are made easy through our single click download button on this page!Lustria Font is a beautiful typeface with many features that can be used in different applications. It’s perfect for designing logos, business cards, invitations or certificates. You may also find this font useful if you work in the fabric industry and want to print on your t-shirts! So don’t wait any longer and download Lustria today by clicking here!

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With lots of features, you can use this remarkable typeface in creating a business logo design, business cards, greetings or invitations cards and give a sense of occasion to certificates and awards. Moreover, the Lustria font can also be used in fabric industries printing on different things such as T-shirts designs so make sure that if it is helpful for your needs then share it with friends at social media sites like Facebook!

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