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Lucida Sans Font Free Download

Lucida Sans is a clean font; it was developed from scratch during 1993 by Kris Holmes and Charles Bigelow, firstly released by Microsoft. This magnificent font is pre-installed in all Microsoft operating systems after Window 98. Its Glyphs on Perl are established, with regard to being used as a default sans serif font inside the GNOME for the GTK+ applications.

You see different families of fonts in the world that are effective when used for designing. However, the demand of Lucida Sans font is increasing day by day due to its uniqueness. As discussed above, it features uniformity and consistency in its design. So, it is quite possible that you can use this font family for your projects. In case you need to add something more in your project then you can grab it from here.

These elegant sans serif fonts are a classic and has been known as the best for body text. The font was developed by Robert Slimbach in 1989. This twentieth century font is a modern typeface with a subtle elegance which enable it to be perfect for business use, logo design, product packaging, book publishing and especially for advertisements, headlines & promotion works. The features of this font are: It has more than 500 characters and symbols. It has an optical size designed to be used between 9-15 points and has more than 900 glyphs in its character sets. It is a combination of many different styles of Latin fonts

This is a display type face and this belongs to the Display Letter family. This typeface includes 26 letters, numbers, punctuations and symbols, and it is completely free to use for both commercial and personal purpose. You can download it without paying anything by simply clicking on the button given below.

This font family is really very different. It contains 4 types of fonts with different style and also contain 2 special figure of various signs. This font family is able to be made a complete presentation for any ideas, even you can use it in the movies, album designing etc.

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