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Lucida Blackletter Font Free Download

Lucida Blackletter is a True-Type font family with 222 Glyph count in numbers. This excellent font contains 2048 unit per em and maximum thickness range is 100. Width and Height of this font family are 2514 and 2604.

The Lucida Calligraphy family contains a wide range of weights that are suitable for writing scripts and longhand. The Lucida Calligraphy family is part of the Lucida font family, which contains various types, including display, script and other as well. (Lucida Blackletter, Lucida Handwriting). In this elegant font family, some types are released with other software but most are released with Microsoft products.

Lucida Blackletter Font Family

Lucida Blackletter is a serif typeface that is slightly slanted. The characters are very similar to Lucida Sans, but Blackletter has more personality and style. It is an excellent font for headlines, packaging, advertising, etc. With the wide range of font weights available in this collection, one can change the face from subtle to strong when viewed from afar.

Our script typeface, Tontti family, is a handmade work drawn with brush pen and scaned to computer. All characters in this typeface are handcrafted so there can be minor irregularity. Though uppercase and lowercase letters look almost identical at first glance, they are drawn differently. With low contrast of pressure, strokes of each letter collide together in curves which enhances edges of letters to make them a little more sharper. This way our typeface differs from classical calligraphy typefaces which use more angular strokes giving the impression of shapes modeled with a compass.

Open your door to millions of possibilities with this unique font. It is crafted with precision and care, and can be used for various purposes such as Logo designs, Greeting cards, Certificates, Banners, Paintings and many more. The best use of this remarkable font is that you can use it for printing on T-shirts.

Hi, Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you can be satisfied with this family font. Our font is one of the best and latest fonts created by us. This free font is our gift to you and if you have appreciated our work then, please click on the link below to download this free font. Thank You!

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