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 This section will introduce you to a font known as Lora Font. Cereal fonts designed the font, and this series comes with moderate contrasts that work well for body text.


Cereal fonts created the Lora font and represented moderate contrast, perfect for anybody’s text. Use it as your business font, and you will see how professional your documents look.


This section introduces you to the Lora typeface. Created by Cereal fonts, this serif font contains moderate strokes ideal for body text.


Lora is a serif typeface that was designed by Cereal fonts and released in the year 2012. It has beautiful curves on the bottom side of the characters and bland lines for the horizontal ones making it look gorgeous as a body text. Other old-school typefaces inspire the font, but it does its own thing.


Lora font is a serif typeface that Cereal developed. It is characterized by moderate contrast and sharp wedge serifs with not inclined terminals.


Lora is a serif typeface intended to be the primary typeface on the web. It comes in 4 styles, in moderate contrast, is optimized for medium-to-long-length text, and provides excellent readability characteristics. 


Lora is a modern serif with a calligraphic feeling that renders more attention to each letter. It was designed to be used for body texts in small sizes and large display types.


This is a font that has been perfected over many years. Created in 1998, it has received feedback from thousands of designers worldwide. The feedback made it the most popular font used by experts.


Your brand’s tone of voice can be one of the most challenging aspects of brand development. Luckily, we’re here to help and guide you through this process.


In this article, we will introduce you to the sans-serif typeface known as Lora Font. The font was designed by Cereal fonts and is one of their most popular and well-known fonts.


We’ll introduce you to a sans-serif font called Lora in the article. Cereal fonts designed this typeface, and it contains a moderate amount of contrast, making it perfect for body text.


This article will discuss the sans-serif typeface by Cereal Fonts called Lora Font, a stylish yet functional font that works well for body text. 


Lora is a sans-serif font with a moderate contrast that works well for body text. Cereal Fonts created it in 2013.


Lora is a modern sans serif typeface. The font has a moderate contrast, making it attractive for reading large and small sizes. Cereal designs it.


Reason to Use Lora Font

This is the excellent sans-serif typeface used for many different design purposes. This is famous for its clean and clear screen appearance, making it one of the best choices for other projects.

This font can easily be used to make different headers for websites. You can also use this in the making of logos, Text bodies, and you can also use this font with the pair of Roboto Font.

Font Details

   Name Lora Font  

  Designer Sans-Serif  

  Type Cyreal  

  File Format Opentype & Truetype  

  License Commercial Use Allowed  

  Type Free Version  


Lora Font Family (Includes a Total 4 Typefaces)

  • Lora Regular
  • Lora Italic
  • Lora Light
  • Lora BoldItalic

Alternatives of Lora Font

  • Hello Stockholm Font 
  • Saldina
  • Birthland 
  • Krabuler 
  • Montserrat
  • Perfect Signature 
  • Mimsy Whimsy Typeface 

License Info

This open-source typeface is free from all different license restrictions, and you can use this for both free and commercial projects.

Like with {barlow font download} or {muli font download } . With this awesome cool texture, you can create covers, posters, adobe photoshops, t-shirts, and many other places.


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