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Longhaul Font Free Download

The Longhaul Font is a sans serif font that makes reading faster and more engaging. It was designed by James Barnardo, an English designer who originally released it on 28 July 2016 with support for over twenty languages!

The Longhaul Font is a clean and sans serif font that was designed to be free. James Barnardo, the designer of this typeface, wanted it to be used by everyone around the world for any use they saw fit (free). 

The Longhaul Font is the best basic typeface of all time. With a vast list of languages supported, bold letterforms and clear characters this font may be just what you’re looking for!

The Longhaul Font Family is a family of fonts that include dozens of languages and come in one, two, three or four weights. It also has more than 60 characters per typeface style so it can be used for all kinds of text such as headings and body copy with ease!

Longhaul Font Family

Longhaul Font is a family of fonts with 74 different characters. They’ve been designed to cover international languages and the regular style font comes in only one weight, but that’s all you need for headings or making headlines!

The Longhaul font family is built for those who want a professional look and use it in various international languages. It has been carefully designed to support 74 different characters, allowing you to create headlines or headings with the regular style.

Fonts Magazine, a leading font provider in the industry has launched Longhaul Font. The new family includes three weights and two widths with an extensive character set of nearly 700 glyphs.

That is the reason the tradition of this elegant font is expanding not only in displaying industry but developing it also. Because it’s an excellent high-resolution letterpress family with remarkable authenticity and vintage engagement.

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