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Londrina Outline Font Free Download

Many people would benefit from using the Londrina Outline Font. For starters, it’s very ornamental and decorative, with its sweet appearance that will appeal to most audiences regardless of age or gender. Additionally, this font includes uppercase letters and lowercase ones, so there’s something for everyone. The images we inserted below (click on them) are examples of what we mean. Mr. Marcelo Magalhães, a Brazilian type designer, took charge of designing this one which was released his first time back in 2011, still has high demand because not available like this where all characters have been created at once. It can be an excellent tool for giving your design that unique and fantastic touch. It’s not only looking very magnificent but also leaves a lasting impression, and that’s why it deserves all the credits when designing this kind of masterpiece.

Londrina Outline Font Family

Londrina Font is an excellent asset for any design, and it has four weights, including Solid, Sketch, Outline, and Shadow. The entire set includes 165 characters with 1024 units per em, which will be excellent in whatever type of work you do. It has four weights which are Shadow, Outline, Solid, and Sketch. You can use this stylish, modern font for a variety of purposes. You may think it’s only available as part of paid design packages, but thanks to the developer who made their whole family accessible. Please leave some feedback in our comment section below. Let us know your thoughts on your experience with this font. Also, check out the other font that we wrote about Monda Font.

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