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Liberation Sans Font Free Download

Liberation Sans is a distinctive sans serif typeface designed to work well in user interfaces. It has been optimized for a user interface at medium and small font sizes. It is specifically designed to resist visual ‘jaggies’ at small sizes when used for desktop application interfaces on current LCD monitors. The family consists of 5 font weights (Light, Thin, Regular, Medium, and Bold), each with true italics.

Liberation Sans is a modern typeface that helps you create the right tone and mood in your designs. Designer Steve Matteson designed this font.

Liberation Sans is a font family that adds versatility and style to your printed materials. It has over 300 characters, including accented characters, figures, and punctuation marks.

Liberation Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface with a very large x-height designed to be highly legible even at small sizes or low resolutions. With its generous spacing and large counters, the font works great for the text of all sorts: reading, body text, display, etc. When set in substantial sizes, the lowercase letters can appear too bold, so it’s worth keeping an eye on text size when working with this font.



The font offers a consistent ductus with Standard. The text figure is defined and spiky. The bottom of the bowl is open, with noticeable horizontal stress accentuating each letter.

This font is free to download and use. The design may not, however, be used for commercial purposes. This includes the right to sell any product which is created using this font as a part of its design.

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