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Leander Font Free Download

Leander Font Family is the first release of TypeType. It’s a unique eroded typeface and it comes in the regular style, which was created by Canadian font designer Michael Tension on November 24th 2010

A unique eroded typeface that comes in a regular style. It firstly releases on TypeType from Michael Tension, who is also known as an award-winning Canadian designer and typographer with over 20 years of experience designing digital fonts before releasing this font via Tension Type.

Talk about an impressive track record for such a short time frame and after just 2 years since its initial launch into our world. The most popular styles are Regular & Bold but there is also Italic if you’re looking to make your words shine brighter by bringing them together more than they would be without italics. 

Leander Font Family is a creative font family with over 1000 glyphs and 167 Glyphs. It’s design includes all the letters in upper, lowercase as well as numbers 0-9 for an easy use of your company’s logo or slogan. All its letters have their own unique style to help you create something truly exceptional.

Leander Font Family

Along with its elegant fonts this typeface also includes various features like the most attractive look, perfect style and easily adaptable-making it one of our top choices here at Type Today.

The font family by Leander is powerful enough to withstand any kind of project you might be working on; from magazines to comics or even business presentations. It contains all types of glyphs so there’s no need for switching between different styles while designing your document – just find what best suits every aspect in order to bring out an amazing final result.

Leander Font Family is not your everyday font. It’s a modern and elegant typeface that brings to life the best of Old World style with its beautiful glyphs, 1000 units per em, and 167 Glyphs. So personable are these letters you’ll feel like they’re popping out at you as if on their own accord.

The font is a sans serif font that has relaxed strokes. It can be used for commercial or personal work, making it particularly useful for those who don’t want to purchase other fonts from vendors. 

The Leander Font is a free 150-character sans serif font that can be used for personal and commercial projects. The typeface has an incredibly professional look, which will surely help make your design stand out to viewers no matter what project you are working on.

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