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La Belle Aurore Font Free Download

The La Belle Aurore Font is an elegant, stylish script handwritten font with a cool and unique texture. Additionally, It seems like someone drew each letter with his hand just as if they were playing a playlist on the piano for you to enjoy. This beautiful handwriting style was first released on 24 November 2010 by US-based female designer Miss Kimberly Geswein. It is a perfect design for you to use because of its ability to fulfill all your requirements. You can get unique designs with this font too, and the best example of this is the Carosella typeface which uses bold and cursive strokes.

La Belle Aurore Font Family

La Belle Aurore Font is a single regular style with True Type features. And it contains 350 characters, which shows the hard work done by Miss Geswein in creating this awesome font that covers most places out there. This typeface is an excellent choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd. You can use the elegant and distinctive design in all sorts of projects such as movie posters, magazines, or taglines with ease, thanks to its versatile character set. Furthermore, it’s also suitable if you’re looking forward to designing cards because there are pretty much no limits on what kind of print this font could produce. Don’t forget to share with us how this font helped you out. Please leave a comment below and Also, check out the other font that we wrote about Londrina Outline Font. 


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