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Kuro Font Free Download

Font Queen is pleased to announce Kuro, a geometric monospaced typeface. Some of its features include improved kerning and spacing accuracy, an expanded character set (including 4 new ligatures!), and discretionary ligatures for capital letters.

Let the Impact Serif font be the perfect addition to your modern designs. Boost your business and make a statement with this stylish font.

Kuro Font Family

Kuro Font Family will fill all your design needs. You just have to pay a few dollars and you will get all the styles, characters, and punctuation marks.

Modern sans serif typefaces are very different from the designers of the nineteenth century. The difference can be attributed to the fact that we live in a new age, an age of evolution and technological advancement.


You can make stylish emblems, unique logos, awesome brochure designs. As well as wedding, invitations or business cards layout, books layouts, posters advertising, banner or movies title designs, and many other related things.

With its endless font combinations, you can create any type of design with the Autograph font. It’s a clean and beautiful drop-cap typeface perfect for your needs.

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