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Knockout Font

Knockout Font is a basic sans-serif typeface that was released in the year of 1994. It provides an eye-catchy and attractive experience. A typeface for use in the text body. It provides a professional touch to designs.

Knockout Font Family Free Download

Knockout Font View
Knockout Font View

The Knockout family adds square versions of numerous existing typefaces, designed by Ian Party and published by HouseType. It currently contains 33 typefaces in all, with three styles each for regular, italic, bold, and bold italic.

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The most notable typefaces in the Knockout family are the eight styles of Ultimate, which are essentially the Swiss Army knife of fonts. They’re suitable for everything from headings to body copy to display use.

They come in three weights/widths each. Regular is wider than most text faces (but not as wide as a font like FF DIN), italic is nearly monospaced, and bold is essentially the same width as its counterpart. Still, it’s slightly narrower (the same width as Helvetica Neue Bold).

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The other noteworthy typeface in this family is Full Bantamweight—an ultra-condensed version of FF DIN that looks like a condensed version of Helvetica or Futura Condensed. It has four weights/widths each: regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. Most condensed sans serifs become awkward and illegible when used at small sizes due to the short ascenders and descenders.

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