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I’m not really into fonts, but I just had to tell you about this one. It’s called Kaufmann Font and it was created by Max R. Kaufman in 1936! He released the font through ATF (American Type Founders). The company then reissued it in a variety of versions over time including Bitstream, Linotype, Adobe–and now we’re getting back together with some new friends like NimaType who are taking their share too!

A lot has changed since the last release; for example there is much more support for Arabic script and languages which use non-Roman scripts that need diacritics or special characters. The serifs have been made thinner so readability should be improved as well making them optimal

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Kaufmann Font Family



In the event that you are looking for a typeface to utilize in your next creative endeavor, Kaufmann is an excellent choice. It’s distinctive yet versatile design makes it perfect for any project! The font family features monotone strokes and freely drawn uppercases with cursive letters which help make this contribution stand out from other options on the market.

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Kaufmann Font is the coolest font ever made because it comes with so many cool features! You can use this in all your projects to make them look even cooler.

Kaufmann Font is a man-kind typeface that you can download for free on your computer to use in any way you need! If you’re looking for a font that can do it all, this script is the one. You’ll be able to create anything from movie posters and logos with classiness or wedding cards in style.

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That typeface is so famous, it’s been used in logos for Pop Idol and Ed Sullivan Theatre. It has also helped to win the satisfaction of your customers!

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