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Italiana Font Free Download

The sleek and modern font, Italiana Font, is a perfect fit for any professional work. The Typemade foundry took upon itself to bring it back after its hiatus from 2017. Santiago Orozco’s inspiration came from the calligraphic designs of Italy’s masters who have been parted out in centuries past due to their old-world nature but not any more thanks so much as today. This typeface has super cool slim textures related by its creator with elegant lines that make up each letterform while still being very readable at large sizes without looking overly complicated. For elegance and sophistication in designs, it is the best font that helps to create magnificent creations.

Italiana Font Family

The Italiana Font is an awesome font that can create professional designs. It comes with Open Type file format and offers 216 glyphs (graphemes), 2048 units per em, making it perfect for upcoming projects or even daily use on your personal computer. There would only be an issue if you didn’t have a compatible operating system, but this doesn’t affect you much as there are many alternatives out there now, such as the Google Chrome browser plugin called Glyphs.

When designing something big like logos, you should consider using one of these cool fonts because they look better than most regular fonts we see every day, especially those expensive ones with royalty fees. We hope you will create top-quality designs according to your needs. Print and share on social media today. The Italiana typeface is available for free download below, so go ahead and download it now.

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