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Introducing you to a Modern font family created by Pedro Azedo Free Download

Introducing you to a Modern font family created by Pedro Azedo. The Azedo font is inspired by two different typefaces, including Kanji-Font and Tagus-Font, which was represented in the market since 18 August 2016. This decorative font package can have multiple kinds of style, numerals, and lining and text figures for various fonts pairing flavorings!

The name of the typeface comes from his own first and last name, Angelo De Souza Pinto da Luz which translates to “proud” in Latin. 

This group features two different styles including Kanji-Font-inspired squares, as well as Tagus-Font’s letters, rounded like circles or ovals with an elliptical stroke modulation for more variety while still maintaining its consistency throughout all weights and effects available within this Group Type Designers Choice Award Winner.

Download now, and enjoy using this elegant font family for your limitless design purposes. We hope you will share these fonts with colleagues or friends on social sites!

Azedo Font Family

The pack includes various styles that can be mixed and matched seamlessly when designing a logo, brochure cover page, wedding invitation card template – anything where text would normally be required. 

It has also been designed to be readable at small font sizes, which are ideal when designing smaller items like book covers or posters where larger fonts would interfere with legibility. So do not wait any longer! Download this free font now so that you too get power access over numbers, symbols, and accents, all while satisfying client requirements impeccably well.

This is a free typeface available for downloading. This versatile font can be used in making logos, posters, movie titles, and other designs that require high-quality typography. Using this quality of fonts will also yield excellent results when designing with the right approach.

Azedo font is a free typeface that can be used for various design purposes. You might want to use this font in your logo, poster layout or movie title–it will make you stand out from the rest! This typeface also works well with creative approaches like banner designing and fabric printing.

It’s currently available for free download. This font can be used to design logos, posters, movie titles, and more. Using the fonts’ creative design will also be an excellent approach to create your next project with ease!

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