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Hero Font Free Download

Hero Font Free Download is a cutting-edge font that looks like the Boheme floral and Syfy family. It simply matches any type of design.

These two fonts may be used to create beautiful initiatives related to bridal ceremony invitations, old designs, greeting cards, posters, booklet duvets, illustrations, etc.

This font is similar to pan pizza bold and great font and comes in three distinctive styles.

Hero Font Family Free Download

hero free typeface 1
hero free typeface 1

Hero is a new typeface family of original design and unusual construction. It is based on two basic ideas: the need for thin weights and the desire to create a contemporary interpretation of the classic sans serif letterforms so prevalent in early 20th-century European poster design.

The new typeface contains three families: Hero, Hero Light, and Hero Light Bold. The heaviest weight is Hero (Medium). It can be used for both display and text purposes. It has a very clear and legible appearance in both sizes. The same can be said about all other weights of the family.

Hero Light is a thin weight designed primarily for text use. It was designed with an eye to harmonizing with all weights of Hero, as well as with similar fonts of other designers. This font’s distinguishing characteristic is its true Thin Weight which makes it suitable for books and magazines, especially when the text setting requires extended texts in small point sizes.

Hero Light Bold was designed specially to fill the need for such a font that could be used in small point sizes while not sacrificing the boldness customary to such sizes. Although this font too was designed primarily for text use, it can also be used for display purposes—for example, in advertising materials that require strong emphasis without excessive volume.

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