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Helvetica Neue Font Family Free Download

Helvetica Neue Font is a sans-serif typeface. It was released in the early 1980s. It is a sans-serif typeface that was inspired by Max Miedinger and is still inspiring designers with its unique and appealing characters and width. It was released in 1983 and comprised an online tool known as Helvetica Neue Font Generator.

A German Foundry developed this font in the early 1980s. Wolfgang Schimpf, René Kerfante, and Erik Spiekermann were the designers.

Helvetica Neue

It’s a large font family that comprises 3 widths, and 9 weights, including condensed. It can be downloaded for free from many places, but the original version can only be downloaded from the foundry. It’s also used in many noted places. It can be used on logos, websites, and posters.

This font was used in a campaign for “We Need Switzerland” many years ago. The Tiffany font is used on several posters and websites. It increases readability and is, therefore, the first choice for such places. Helvetica bold is appropriate for many platforms, including Banners, Educational purposes, Headings, Commercial and Digital work projects, and numerous other places.

Download the Helvetica Neue font right now using the download button below. Also, check out our recent post on Century Gothic Font.

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