Helvetica Font
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Helvetica Font Free Download

Helvetica font is a sans serif typeface that was designed by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann in the 1950s. New styles, weights, and sizes have been added. It is a typeface that was designed to be easily understandable and can be read from a long distance. It comes in 36 styles.

It uses the font pairing Helvetica Neue, Lucida Grande, Georgia, Crimson, Roboto, DIN Next, Gibson, Benton Sans, and Freight Sans.

This font is a very famous sans serif font that is used in many different languages. It is also used by the United States government and NASA to create logo designs, book covers, webpage designs, banners, social media posts, brochure layouts, PowerPoint presentations, and many more.

Helvetica Font
Helvetica Font

It also has a Pro group of fonts available from Linotype. Each has a different weight and style.
Helvetica Pro Thin is an ultra-light version of normal weight; it has the same height as normal but a width that is one-quarter of normal weight. It includes italic style.

Helvetica Pro Ultra Light is even lighter than the thin style and thinner than the hairline style; it has the same width as normal but half the height (double the x-height). It also includes italic style. The font is free for personal use. To use it for official purposes, you must purchase its license.

Font Details

TitleHelvetica Font
ArtistEduard Hoffmann, Max Miedinger
File TypeTTF, OTF
Issued Date1957
License TypeCommercial Font
StyleFree Type

Download the Helvetica font right now using the download button below. Also, check out our recent post on Sofia Pro Font.

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