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Hello Friends! We are happy to introduce another great font family today, Wakanda Font. It was designed and published in 2018 by Creatype Studio, a font designing company.

The designer, Rian Rahardi is an Indonesian now living in Bandung who created this Modern Script with awesome ligatures and sexy numerals that make it unique from other font families available on Google Play Store or App store. Try downloading today to get a taste of what will be trending next year?

What will you do with a font family?

Are you looking for the most awesome fonts to spice up your designs and make them stand out like no one else’s typeface can? What about using something that has never been done before, or perhaps just want some new inspiration on where to go next in terms of design. 

Designers are always interested in finding different types of fonts because they know how much variety there is when designing anything such as logos, brochures , posters etcetera.

Do you want a professional-looking typeface? Then read on. The newest script and modern fonts from Creatype Studio are absolutely delightful; they’re perfect for adding an elegant touch to your website or business card design in minutes.

Rian Rahardi is Indonesian designer who made these sleek scripts with new ligatures and sexy numerals that make this Modern Font family one of the most unique ones out there today.

Wakanda Font Family

Wakanda font family is a dependable and serious typeface that will suit any designer’s design needs. It has been designed to meet the vast approaches of design, so it can be used for many purposes such as personal or commercial use with license purchase from the owner. Download this free brush-typeface today.

It can handle any type of text and also makes headlines more captivating. The Wakanda family has everything you need to make an elegant statement with fonts.

Wakanda is solid, serious and dependable. For a designer, it’s the most important element for selecting an appropriate font pairing-and Wakanda helps to meet all your design needs. That’s why this elegant font has been increasing in popularity over the past few years as you can see from these images. As well as having clean text forms with plenty of space between letters, its best feature is that it’s free for personal use only – if you want to purchase licensing rights on commercial projects there are costs involved too so be sure to check first before downloading.

Here at Free Design Resources we have available online download links where you will find loads more information about this great brush typeface. If you’re looking for a professional-sounding and fun font that is free to download on your computer or smartphone device, look no further than this font. The best way it’s used would be printing onto T-shirts which also happen to have unique meanings in African communities worldwide – whether it’s because of their originality or just because they are different from other shirts with words printed all over them. I hope you enjoy our post about one of many fonts available online today. Be sure to put comments below if there are any suggestions we missed.”

It is difficult to find a font that has the aesthetic of African culture. You can now use Wakanda Font for your company’s logo, business cards and other creative endeavors with this collection of fonts from our website.

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