Gratis Font Free Download

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Fancy is a professional font family that makes the vintage and modern layout of the design. Its rounded paperwork and damaged lines will upload visual hobby to any headline.

A vintage font can make a logo or package layout look elegant and severe. It is best for product marketing, branding, homeware, and text designs.

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Gratis Font Family Free Download

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Gratis Font Free Download 2 removebg preview

Gratis is a family of fonts that were designed to be used in the Microsoft Office Suite and are available under the Open Font License. The typeface family was created by Christian Robertson, and it is composed of 5 weights: Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Light, and Extra Light.

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Gratis has a large number of Latin language characters (922), but it lacks several key glyphs for languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hebrew. It is important to note that only certain fonts contain all language characters; one example is Gratis-Light which does not contain the glyphs for Latin characters ä č ř š or any Cyrillic alphabet characters.

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The font family was designed with an architectural style in mind, and it can be used in a wide variety of design projects which would benefit from a clean look while still maintaining clarity of readability.

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