Goudy Old Style Font Free Download

Goudy Old Style Font

Designed in the 19th century by a notable artist and designer, Goudy Old Style Font is a serif typeface. It is used in many different projects and can be used with the styling of Nautical Font.

The old-style typeface is used for many different purposes. It is the official typeface on many different platforms. It is used in many different types of projects.

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The old-style typeface is used in many prominent appearances and is the official typeface on many platforms.

Goudy Old Style Font
Goudy Old Style Font

When it comes to typefaces, the more one knows about them, the better. Not only does it make the designer more aware of how a typeface is going to look when put onto paper or a computer screen, but it also lets him know what to expect from the font.

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The Goudy Old Style family of fonts is known for its versatility and how well it can be used for various purposes. They have a wide range of weights, from light to bold and from regular to italicized. It also features a variety of widths. As with other typefaces, different widths are frequently used in different situations.

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Title Goudy Old Style Font
Category Old-Style
Artist Frederic Goudy
File Type Opentype & Truetype
License Type Free for Personal Use
Style Free Version

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