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The Adobe Garamond Pro font is a serif typeface that was created by Claude Garamond. It comes with different styles and can be paired with cormorant font and its styles.

A serif typeface, used for display and printing, with a unique texture. This font also has an extended family. The two most commonly used fonts are:

Garamond Roman is a humanist typeface with subtle, delicate features and distinctive letterforms that give it an elegant and refined look. It is generally considered to be one of the most legible serif fonts available. As such, it is often used for body copy in print and many websites, particularly those related to academia, use it for their main text.

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Garamond Alt Italic is similar to Garamond Roman but with slanted letterforms designed for setting body text on a slant rather than horizontally. This makes it easier to read at smaller sizes, as long as there aren’t too many characters per line since the eye will easily become confused when presented with vertical and horizontal lines at once.

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Garamond Font
Garamond Font
Title Garamond Font
Artist Claude Garamond
Category Old Style Serif
File Type Opentype & Truetype
License Type Free for Personal Use only
Style Free Version

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