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Futhark was created by Astigmatic One Eye Foundry and was released for the first time in 1996. This typeface includes letters related to various Germanic languages that do not have any punctuation signs or numbers but consist only of runes used as a writing system in Early Modern Scandinavian dialects such as Icelandic sagas from around the 12th century AD until the 1750s.

The typeface lettering in this font is a little different from the others. Instead of being horizontal, it’s vertical and going from the left to right with “runic direction Unicode alias.” Each character has its prerequisites, including appearance traits that can help you create an individualized look for your labels or publications.

Futhark Font

Futhark, a bold and modern font with pure geometric shapes, is perfect for designing projects that require originality. It comes in two styles – regular or outline scheme depending on your needs as a designer. Practice it now while practicing unique work operations so you can create a fantastic project using this amazing typeface soon too.

Using this font for different projects can be a great option. You could create native posters, banners, or business cards with it and include words like hoarding designs, old-style movie titling logos inclusion into the design of your choice too! The alphabets have an exciting look that would work well in most cases, but you might need some extra styling if using them on fabric stuff because Futhark doesn’t show up well over here either.

Download the font right now and enjoy the uniqueness this font brings. Also, check out our recent post on Carosello Font.


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