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Falco Font Free Download

Falco font is a fashionable and high-quality font. It is inspired by modern-day patterns and needs.

I’m able to tell you the exact font my own family use for its emblem. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

This font gives you the danger of adding some originality to your subsequent challenge. It makes it versatile and makes it an exceptional desire for lots of designers.

Falco Font Family Free Download

Falco Font Free Download 2
Falco Font Free Download 2

Falco Black is a modern and elegant typeface that is perfect for use in branding and logos, as well as all types of print. Its structure consists of two parts: Falco, the main font, and Falco Black, a sub-font with a flat stroke width.

Falco Black comes in four weights: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black Outline. The Regular and Bold weights are sub-divided into Inline styles, which have thin strokes with a heavyweight contrast. The Negative Inline style is used for headings only.

Falco Black has been designed by René van Lieshout at Font Bureau and includes more than 1,000 glyphs with OpenType features such as swashes and alternate characters.

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