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Enochian Font Free Download

Dingbats are usually used for secret projects. Thus the Enochian Font was created. First released in 1992, the font was designed by the Digital Type Foundry.

The Designer Note mentions that a similar script was used by Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelley to communicate with unseen spirits during 16th-century times.

The queen conducted the ceremony. Consequently, this script has been known throughout history for its uniqueness.

Enochian Font Family

It is available in two distinct styles, Enochian and Pegasus. Fifty-one glyphs are supported by one Truetype style. It supports 103 glyphs of OpenType in the second typeface.

These families only support upper- and lower-case letters. In addition, it is disabled for numerals, punctuation, and currency symbols.

This magical font can be downloaded quickly and easily with just one click. You can use this free font on your personal projects by clicking on the button.

Please only use this font for private purposes due to its shareware license. Digital Type Foundry sells it for commercial use.

There are many ways to use this elegant font. Logos, banner advertisements, stickers, tattoos, and unique emblems are just a few of the places where they can be used.

Your clients and audience will be delighted with this charming typeface, which we hope will be of great help to you. A splendid design is created for them and makes it a point to do so.

 Thus, it would be best if you shared it with your colleagues and friends so that they can see what you thought about it. We can introduce them to this family of modest fonts.

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