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Dodgers Font Free Download

Dodgers Font has been in demand by many of our readers from all over the world so we are pleased to bring this amazing work to your attention.

“Dodgers” is one among those fonts that will be loved by designers around the globe because they can take advantage of such an incredible freebie where every glyph contains 177 unique characters and 1000 Units per em.

Dodgers Font Family

The Dodgers Font family is a typeface with an excellent reputation in the design market. It has great features and supports many languages, making it very popular online.

Many designers often use this typeface in their typical undertaking and if you also want to play with that font then you’re in the right place.

The font family has 217 characters and comes only in the regular style. Furthermore, this unique font family features rounded corners, semi-condensed letterforms, and heavy strokes. 

You’ll be able to create amazing logos, cards layout, books covering brochures designs with it! Moreover you can use this typeface in game developing or website designing too which will surely help you meet your client’s requirements and boost up the quality of any design that comes from these hands.

I hope that downloading Dodger free font family would give designers a lot more options when choosing their desired one depending on what they want to accomplish and how much time they have at disposal before finishing off the work as well as make them feel satisfied about making such a decision.

You can create amazing logos, card layouts, books covers, brochures designs and many more with it. 

You can create amazing logos with it or books covers to name a few applications. Share it with other designers as well if you like what we have here today so they also get more inspiration for their designs right away from scratch without wasting any time at all.

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