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distro ii

Distro font is an elegant and perfect font family, Fiber is a complimentary handwritten font, and Atami is a Swiss military Knife of contemporary sans-serifs. A free typeface superfamily by Jos Buivenga and Martin Majoor.

Distro font is a stylish slab serif font that makes a logo both legible and stylish. It is designed by Alexey Frolov “MRfrukta” and comes with three weights: regular, medium, and bold.

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Distro Font Free Download

distro ii
distro ii

The distro is a modular family of typographic fonts designed by Chris Costello. Distro (Short for “Distribution”) is a type family that is available in both OpenType and TrueType formats. It is inspired by the original design of the same name created by Alexei Shterenberg for the original version of Bitstream Vera.

The family includes four weights: Regular, Light, Bold, and Heavy. Each weight has an italic companion. Distro also includes a set of variant glyphs for Contextual Alternates called “Distro Extinct,” which are used as alternates in Latin text, and an expanded set of alternate characters (called “Distro Bev”), which are used to create special punctuation marks like dashes and ellipses. There is also an additional set of lowercase letters called “Distro Vinyl.”

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The Distro typeface was developed to be suitable for display applications such as websites and print design alike. The font comes with over 400 glyphs, including ligatures, fractions, alternative characters like dingbats, ornaments, and stylistic alternates so that it can be used in a wide range of contexts without any compromises on legibility or readability.

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