Disney Font Free Download

Disney Font

Disney font is a script font that is used on the logo of Walt Disney company. It is similar to the Waltograph font and can be used to make posters, logos, and designs.

The logo of Disney has changed many times over the decades. The current font used is similar to the Disney font. Disney font is highly popular and can be used on numerous platforms.

Moreover, the bold letters of this font are enough to grab the attention of the viewers in seconds.

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Disney Font Free Download

Disney Font View
Disney Font View

Waltograph, a font used in the logos of the Walt Disney Company, is one of the most widely recognized fonts. The original font was designed by Carl F. Holzhauer, who based it on the handwriting of Walt Disney himself. Waltograph comes in two weights: Regular (the more common version, seen below) and Light.

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Mickey Ears is a fun font that can be used for children’s parties. It has a warm, friendly feel to it and is ideally suited for use in party invitations or decorations.

Moanas is an unusual font because half of it is simply blank space. The letters are only one line tall, and there are no descenders. This could be useful for compositions when you want to include plenty of white space but also need to include text, like a short poem or quote at the bottom of a piece of art.

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Marker Felt has just one capital letter at a time, followed by two lowercase letters (and then another cap). It’s a playful font that could lend itself well to projects related to children—perhaps birthday cards or invitations, or even an advertisement for a children’s store.

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