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Diploma Font

The Diploma font is a gothic typeface that is specially designed for diploma certificates and other documentation. It is also being used for many different purposes when used with hero font.

Tetris font has unique characters and is suitable for use in designing and writing content for many different purposes.

Diploma Font Family Free Download

Diploma Font view
Diploma Font view

The diploma is a type family of ten weights, each with four variants—Light, Regular, SemiBold, and Bold—to make a superfamily of 40 fonts. The idea behind the design is to create a set that speaks in one voice but clearly distinguishes itself from other sets.

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The most distinctive element of the Diploma is its x-height, which is taller than normal. The lowercase letters (except for ‘g’) take up as much space as the caps do in other fonts with the same x-height; this creates very readable body text in small sizes and gives the complete set a unique and distinguished appearance on the page.

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The lowercase letters are based on rounded shapes with simple stroke endings: they have no extra flourishes or elaborate terminal forms. In addition, the terminals are either vertical or horizontal to reinforce this simplicity. When combined with both upper and lowercase characters, Diploma’s letterforms support a wide range of reading styles without interfering with legibility. Each letterform has been refined to work both individually and collectively within words and passages.

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