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Din Font is a sans-serif font that a professional designer designed. It is based on another Sans-serif font, ‘DIN 1451’. This typeface comprises a large weight series and a tall x-height. In 2017, this font gained massive acclaim and became one of the most downloaded fonts.

Our latest release, Din Font, is a modern sans serif font designed by an internationally recognized typeface designer. It is based on another Sans-serif font, ‘DIN 1451’, with a range of weights and a tall x-height. In 2017, this font became one of the most downloaded fonts.


Din Font is a professional sans-serif font based on the successful DIN 1451. It has a significant weight series and tall x-height, making it the perfect choice for your business.


Din font is a professional sans-serif typeface created by a professional designer. It is based on another type of font, ‘Din 1451’. In 2017, this font became popular because it was downloaded extensively.


Din Font is one of the most sought-after fonts available today. Designed by professionals, this font is considered to be very well-designed as it is based on another Sans-serif font, ‘DIN 1451’.


Din Sans is a professionally designed typeface modeled off the original Din 1451 font. This font was downloaded and used by over 50,000 people in 2017.


Din Font is typography inspired by the lettering on German road signs. A fabulous font that evokes a style of precision and strength. It is available in many weights, ensuring a professional finish.


DIN 1451 is the font family of choice for architects and construction engineers. DIN 1451 is an official standard first published in 1931 by the German technical standards office (Deutsches Institut für Normung). In 1931, it was extended to include Cyrillic letters. The font family is based upon a sans-serif typeface originally used on German road signs. So let us know what you think!


Din is widely regarded as the best free sans-serif font, and it shows its origin through years of development in both form and function.


Din is a family of fonts useful in many business applications, signage, and tech use and will fit into environments where minimalism and cleanliness are essential.


Din is a Sans-serif font initially introduced by the Linotype-Hell AG type foundry of West Germany. Since then, it has become one of the most popular typefaces in use and the one most often imitated.


Din Font is a sans-serif typeface designed by a professional designer, Albert Jan Pool, in 1995. The font is based on another Sans-serif typeface, ‘DIN 1451.’


Din is a robust and professional font designed by designer Albert Jan Pool in 1995. The font is based on another Sans-serif typeface, ‘DIN 1451.’


Din Font is a Sans-Serif typeface designed by Albert Jan Pool in 1995. It’s popular among advertisers because of its simplistic style and clarity. Based on another Sans-Serif called DIN 1451, the font is an industry-standard for professional designers.


Font Information

   Name Quicksand Font  

  Style Sans-Serif  

  Designer Andrew Paglinawan  

  File Format OTF, TTF  

  License Freeware, Non-Commercial  

  Type Opentype, Truetype  


Din Font Family (Includes 28 Typeface)


  1. FF DIN Thin
  2. FF DIN Extra-Light
  3. FF DIN Light
  4. FF DIN Regular
  5. FF DIN Medium
  6. FF DIN Bold
  7. FF DIN Black
  8. FF DIN Condensed Thin
  9. FF DIN Condensed Extra-Light
  10. FF DIN Condensed Light
  11. FF DIN Condensed Regular
  12. FF DIN Condensed Medium
  13. FF DIN Condensed Bold
  14. FF DIN Condensed Black
  15. FF DIN Thin Italic
  16. FF DIN Extra-Light Italic
  17. FF DIN Light Italic
  18. FF DIN Regular Italic
  19. FF DIN Medium Italic
  20. FF DIN Bold Italic
  21. FF DIN Black Italic
  22. FF DIN Condensed Thin Italic
  23. FF DIN Condensed Extra-Light Italic
  24. FF DIN Condensed Light Italic
  25. FF DIN Condensed Regular Italic
  26. FF DIN Condensed Medium Italic
  27. FF DIN Condensed Bold Italic
  28. FF DIN Condensed Black Italic

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