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Didact Gothic font is an ultra-modern typeface that was created by Daniel Johnson and updated in 2017 by Alexei Vanyashin at Cyreal. It has massive language support and is also well-known for its pairing tasks.

Poiret One Bold font is suitable for every type of design, such as card designs, t-shirt designs, mug designs, advertising, app development, video games, and social media posts.

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This is suitable for any size of text and can be used for reports, invoices, documentation purposes, quotes, presentations, and simple text designs.

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It has a low x-height and a very wide letter spacing, making it an extremely legible font. Its distinctive feature lies in the inter-character contrast, which makes the text set with Didact Gothic very readable even when used at small sizes. The font comes in two weights: regular and medium (with bold and italic variants).

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The italic version was created by first drawing each lowercase letter separately on paper with a pencil (in a way similar to calligraphy). Then the letters were scanned, edited, and converted into outlines.

Finally, each glyph was redrawn on the computer to ensure that all strokes are correctly matching the curves of their respective stems. This technique results in an extremely authentic italic without any hint of artificiality or machine-made appearance.

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The regular version was drawn completely on the computer and then edited to match the characteristics of its lowercase counterpart.

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