Cursive Font Family Free Download

cursive free font

Cursive Font is a script font that has fantastic look and attractive script characters. It has 2048 units per em and is suitable for creating many stylish designs.

This typeface is useful for various graphic design purposes such as posters, social media posts, text graphics, book covers, emblems, graphic cards, business cards, and many other related designing projects.

Cursive Font is a fancy script typeface. It is suitable for printing and logo design.

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Cursive Font Family Free Download

cursive free font download
cursive free font download

Cursive is a calligraphic script style where the pen or brush letters are often highly distinctive and flowing and less angular than the conventional printed form of the same alphabet. Its precise definition has varied over centuries, but today it is most commonly considered to be a script style that evolved naturally from medieval times until the Baroque period and flourished in the blackletter typefaces used for printing.

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Cursive fonts are often seen as more personal or humanistic compared to the more mechanical appearance of sans-serif typefaces. Some designers consider cursive as having an informal tone or mood, suitable for casual use and friendly communication. It is also used frequently in handwriting due to its association with informal communication.

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There are many different types of cursive fonts available, from very formal script typefaces designed for diplomas and wedding invitations to casual scripts designed for holiday cards and scrapbooking. Our cursive font family includes four variations: Cursive-Regular, Cursive Bold, Cursive Light, and Cursive-Bold Italic.

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